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Hi, I'm Yunusa, but you may call me Joseph

Are you in need of a ride? We provide professional taxi services throughout Gambia. Instead of navigating through the busy streets of Gambia on your own, you can rely on our professional and friendly chauffeurs to take you to where you need to go. We reside near the airport in Banjul and we love to provide your airport transfer between the airport and your hotel. We provide day-trips throughout Gambia as well !

Call us: +2207961053 (I also use Whatsapp)

We provide

Airport Transfers

day trip tour

Half-day tour

Night out

Regular taxi service

We have clean, well-serviced cars.
We take the time to ensure your safety on the road and provide a pleasant and friendly experience to our customers.

Find out more about our services by calling Taxi Yunusa today
We will be the pleasant and reliable transportation that you need

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